Shalom- 13/12/2017

Đăng bởi ngày 12 Tháng Mười Hai, 2017


Wed 13th Dec 2017
2nd Week of Advent

St Lucy

Is. 40:25-31
Ps. 103(102):1-2,3-4,8,10
Mt. 11:28-30    (Ps Wk II)


femme_priere-5Today’s Gospel passage today is taken from Jesus’ preaching during his public life and may seem to have little to do with Advent. Although it does not have anything to do directly with the various events leading up to Christmas, it provides a very precious indication of the meaning of the whole Christ-event and leads us to a deeper understanding of St John’s assertion: “God loved us in this particular way that he gave us his only Son” (Jn 3:16).

In the fullness of time, God contemplated this world in all its need. The history of Israel demonstrated clearly that humanity, even the chosen people, were weary and found life ever more burdensome because of the sin of Adam. God found a place of great of silence, the immaculate heart of Mary, the poor Virgin of Nazareth. Unburdened and unwearied by any stain of sin, she could make a totally free and loving response to God’s invitation to seek refreshment for the world around her. She brought Jesus into the world and so we find him humble and gentle of heart and attain peace for our souls.

Lord Jesus, You have invited us to come to You and to find rest and respite for our souls and for our life in this world. Gant us the grace to accept Your invitation courageously with faith and hope.