Shalom – 05/12/2017

Đăng bởi ngày 4 Tháng Mười Hai, 2017


Tue 5th Dec 2017
1st Sunday of Advent (B)

Is. 11:1-10
Ps. 72(71):1-2,7-8,12-13,17
Lk. 10:21-24     (Ps Wk I)


In spite of the words “strike the ruthless” and “death to the wicked” in today’s passage, Isaiah understood that God would not save Israel through military might or force, but through a faithful Servant who would suffer. This faithful and suffering Servant would be blessed with special gifts.

Following Isaiah’s teaching, from the early ages the Fathers of the Church have spoken of these gifts as “the gifts of the Spirit” and the Church teaches that those who desire to be united with Jesus, the Messiah, receive them at baptism. These gifts are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and the fear of the Lord. Relying on these gifts, we become truly spiritual people, responsibly moral and resolutely firm in our living according to the Faith we have received. With these gifts, we learn to see the world and the significance of human life, not with mere human eyes but with the eyes of God. These gifts create for us a spiritual and intellectual culture, a world view and value system, quite different from those held by those who have no faith.

Lord, grant that the grace of our Baptism will  continue to form our minds and hearts according to the gift of the Spirit.