Đăng bởi ngày 4 Tháng Mười Hai, 2017


Mon 4th Dec 2017
1st Sunday of Advent (B)
St John Damascene, priest & doctor

Is. 2:1-5
Ps. 122(121):1-2,3-4a,8-9
Mt. 8:5-11   (Ps Wk I)


centurion1In the ancient world, warfare was almost constant. Amid all that, the Bible gives us this beautiful prophecy — a vision of God’s hope and dream for the world and humanity. God looks forward to the day when divine instruction will flow forth from Zion to all the people of the earth without distinction. Having been formed and instructed by God, they will lose their desire to kill and make war, and they will convert their weapons to peaceful uses. Beautiful — but it hasn’t happened yet. No matter — it is our hope and dream too, inspiring us and leading us onward. In all our thoughts, words, and actions, we should be agents of peace and reconciliation.

Somehow the enemy soldier — the Roman centurion — had already been touched with what he had learned of God’s power, mercy and compassion. It gave him the courage to approach Jesus and ask for healing for his servant. So strong was his faith, even though he was not of the house of Israel, that Jesus marvelled and held him up as an example. God is for everyone, without distinction. God is not stingy with mercy and grace, so neither should we. God’s grace is at work in every human heart — perhaps our kindness and mercy will help it to do its work in another. Let us look at the world and its people through God’s eyes: no boundaries or distinctions, just people to be loved.

Lord, help me to see You at work in others.

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