Shalom: 12/09/2017

Đăng bởi ngày 11 Tháng Chín, 2017

Tue 12th Sept 2017

23rd Week in Ordinary Time (A)
Col. 2:6-15
Ps. 145(144):1-2,8-9,10-11
Lk. 6:12-19   (Ps Wk III)


Our sins? All forgiven! We’re alive! No longer dead in our sins. How can this be? It is because of our faith and belief in the One Who has died for us.  Through our baptism, we “have been buried with Him”.  And by our baptism we “have been raised up with Him”. How? “Through our” belief in the power of God “Who raised Him from the dead.”

Who is this that through Him the Law has been overridden; that every record of the debt we have to pay (because of our sins) has been cancelled — through “nailing it to the Cross”?

This is “the Christ” — the ‘Messiah’, i.e. the ‘Anointed One’, the ‘Chosen One’ of God.

This is “Jesus”
— “the One Who saves” (“Jesus” is the Greek form of the Jewish name, “Joshua”).

This is “the Lord”
— “kurios” (Greek). This is the “One Who is head of every Sovereignty and Power”.

So, with such a great and wonderful God on our side — what should we do?  St Paul tells us, ‘”You must live your whole life according to the Christ you have received — Jesus the Lord”.
So let us look to Jesus as our model; our pattern for life.
Let us be “rooted in Him” — draw our strength, our inspiration — from Him.
Let us let Jesus be our foundation — on Whom we continue to build this new life.
Let us hold “firm” to the faith we have been taught.

Lord, let our hearts always be “full of thanksgiving” for all that we are because of You.