Shalom – 16/07/2017

Đăng bởi ngày 15 Tháng Bảy, 2017

Sun 16th July 2017

15th Week in Ordinary Time (A)
Is. 55:10-11
Ps. 65(64):10-11,12-13,14
Rom. 8:18-23
Mt. 13:1-23   (Ps Wk III)

This passage of the SOWER, in Mathew’s Gospel reflects very well a later stage in Jesus’s ministry. It has become clear that the majority of the Jews did not respond positively to Jesus’ message.This situation continued even after the disciples’ post-Easter mission to Israel. It is an anticipation for the state of affairs in Mathew’s own Christian community as well as ours. Many hear the Word, but their behaviour betrays that they have not really “understood” the Word.

What kind of  “soil” am I? Shallow? Hard? or Good Soil? I cannot escape facing myself by saying: “God has made me like this, my genes work this way, so what can I do? This sort of response is a denial of the truth of the Gospel.

The grace of God can do marvels in us and completely change us. History abounds with examples of such grace-changed persons. The truth is that at times we have within us all these types of soil, at various stages in our life.

It does not matter whether we produce “hundredfold, or sixty, or thirty…the point is we become “good soil”, to hear the Word of God, not just in the Scriptures, but also in every Word in Creation.

Lord, let Your Word carry out Your will in my life and succeed in what it was sent to do, Amen. (Is. 55:11)