Shalom – 19/06/2017

Đăng bởi ngày 18 Tháng Sáu, 2017

Mon 19th June 2017

11th Week in Ordinary Time
Ss Philip Minh, Priest & Comps. Martyrs
College General Martyrs

2 Cor. 6:1-10
Ps. 98(97):1,2-3,3-4
Mt. 5:38-42   (Ps Wk III )

“The Lord has made his salvation known.” The Psalmist reflects on his own situation and the history of the Chosen People to make this affirmation. He goes on to point to manifestations of God’s salvation. During Israel’s history, God seems to have intervened to save his people from their enemies, acts which the Psalmist believes manifest God’s justice. Then, too, there is the great consolation of God’s remembering his kindness and his faithfulness to the house of Israel.

Jesus several times asks us to reflect on nature or on ordinary human experience and then guides us to a deeper reflection on how much God has done for us by posing the question: “How much more?” If God takes such care of the lilies of the field, which are indeed so beautiful but so short-lived, “will he not much more look after you?” (cf. Mt 6:25-34).

So then, if the Psalmist believes and feels that “the Lord has made his salvation known”, how much more can we affirm this truth, since God has sent us his Son Jesus as our Saviour. The Lord makes his salvation known in our lives in many moments of grace.

Lord God, You show us the greatness of Your  salvation in the mystery of Jesus and the Church, help us to see and to respond with hearts aflame with love.