Shalom – 17/06/2017

Đăng bởi ngày 16 Tháng Sáu, 2017

Sat 17th June 2017

10th Week in Ordinary Time
2 Cor. 5:14-21
Ps. 103(102):1-2,3-4,8-9,11-12
Mt. 5:33-37    (Ps Wk II)

No doubt there are times, such as in a law court, when it is necessary to swear to the truth. But in today’s Gospel passage Jesus warns against trivial and inconsiderate swearing to affirm the truth. We may take to heart his teaching by summing it up as “respect for the truth.” All we need to affirm is the truth, whether by “Yes” or “No”. Whatever we Christians say should be straightforward and trustworthy and free from all duplicity and any intention to deceive. As the eighth Commandment teaches us, “Do not bear false witness.”
Jesus is the truth, the word of God made flesh.

As his followers we are sent to bring the truth of the Gospel to the whole world. Our life should be a living witness to the truth as Jesus was: we should be faithful servants of the word of God, faithful servants of the truth. Dedication to the truth in all circumstances will enable us to experience the depth of Jesus’ promise: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free (Jn 8:33).

Lord Jesus, keep us faithful to the truth of salvation which You revealed to us in Your teaching and your life. Grant that Your truth may set us free as You desire us to be.